The Social Network

I just went to The social network movie and i’m just flabbergasted!
When I knew that Jesse Eisenberg was going to play Mark Zuckerberg I just had to see the movie. Also I’m a graduate of Interactive media what meens I am required to see the best movie of 2010!

The only thing that sticks with me after the movie is that at some point Mark excluded this best friend (who invested in facebook in the first place). How can you excluded you’re best friend in that way! Money is terrible! It makes you selfish while in the first place Mark didn’t even give a shit about money. He only wanted to make Facebook populair and get back his Girlfriend Erica Albright.

Even though I love facebook, it’s genious!


8 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. your blog is really beautiful, Ive just been looking through some of the posts. I loved the social network, Mark is a genius! I was sad too about what he did to his best friend. Justin Timberlake’s character was just a leach… Mark didn’t need him, facebook would of gone global without him. I think Mark had to move away from his best friend though because they had different ideas of what to do with facebook, his best friend wanted to put advertising on it too soon and that might of killed it.

    • Thank you so much! I love your blog 2! I saw it a wile ago! I often visit it!
      I agree with the comment about justin! Mark could have done it with out him!
      Concern the best friend he could have done it a other way!

  2. Allo, I found your blog through daydream lily. I do like the combination of photos you have here, its very pretty & inspirational.
    I saw a trailer for the Social Network, but I have to say that it didn’t really appeal to me – I think its just cause I don’t like facebook (although admittedly it IS useful for contacting friends, getting messages about events and silly photos).
    P.S. I don’t think Jesse Eisenberg was in Juno, although he is pretty similar to Michael Cera (in voice & appearance)
    P.S.S. I really recommend Scott Pilgrim as a really good Michael Cera film.

    • Thanks! I like your blog too!
      If you don’t like facebook you still can see the movie for fun. But I can understand that if you don’t like facebook it has no use.
      P.S And Thanks for saying that Jesse didn’t play in Juno:)
      P.S.S I am currtenly going to see Scott Pilgrim. I’ll let you know how it was!

  3. You should also probably take biopics like this one with a grain of salt. Eduardo Saverin (the betrayed best friend) was the main consultant on the film, and even writer Aaron Sorkin admitted that a large part of the story was fabricated or exaggerated for dramatic effect.

    • I know that they made the story look more dramatic! But still when you see a movie you relate to the characters. So even though the story wasn’t totally real I can’t understand you can do that to a friend.

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