My house

For school we had to shoot our house as for in a magazine. I realy loved this assignment also because I finally could show my house to my classmates. It was nice to see how everybody lives and see there styles.

My living room where I live with my lovely boyfriend.

I Love Tim Walker, he’s my favorite photographer. I have a lot of vintage in my house, it just gives a warm filling to my house. 

My dinnyroom, very colorful and again a lot of vintage. The table and cabinet are both from friends of ours. 

The chair I bought for €10 and I’m very happy with it. 

My kitchen is colorful aswell. The mix of color and wood turned out to be a good combo. And I like my big Ikea sink. 

My tinny toiletroom has the same tiles as my kitchen but works a holl different way. And my plate rack is made by my  father in law, because we don’t have any cabines above the kitchen this was a very helpful way to storage our plates and  cups.

Our romantic bedroom. Simpel but very comforting. 


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