Fixies! A new trend!

A new hype has been born! Everywhere you look you see Fixies. A fixie, in it’s purest form, is a bicycle with no brakes, so you have to stop by kicking backwards and a wheel that doesn’t spin freely. What this means is that if you pedal backwards, you go backwards unlike other bikes. You can’t just stop pedaling on these bikes, because the wheel is “fixed” to the pedals, you must constantly pedal. But the best thing about the Fixie is that you can go realy fast and be fashionable at the same time!

Even the biggest names have bought a custom made bicycle, like Kanye West, Jared Leto  and David Beckham.

In Holland cycling has always been the biggest and best way of transporting. But these bikes are a holl different thing. You choose your own frame, weels, handlebars, pedals and colors. This way  you have your own custom made Fixie and can always be recognized, this can be a problem especially in Holland (you will know if you visite Holland).

This bicycle appears to have been commissioned by and manufactured by the Wilson brothers and put on display at the Dover Street Market.



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