Anton Corbijn at Foam

Today I went to Anton Corbijn at the Foam Museum in Amsterdam. I always enjoy giong to the Foam but this time I was realy exited. Anton Cobijn is a Dutch photographer how is famous for his photos of (Rock)Musicians en other artists. He is not only a good photographer, he also is graphic designer, filmmaker, he does the art direction and is a director for music videos and designing sets for pop concerts. He also shot the G-star campain with Liv Taylor. So you can imagine how creative he is.

Tricky, Alexander McQueen (RIP),
Anselm Kiefer, Richard Prince

Anthony Kiedis, Kate Moss,
Nelson Mandela, Mick Jagger

Like the way Anton has created the two photos. They are beautiful. Damien Hirst (left) ? (right)


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