Shine Bright like a Diamond

Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects-cement Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects-poster

Krzysztof Olszewski aka KED is Polish photographer, Filmmaker and visual artist. He creates photoseries by helping the surroudings of the picture. Like his project about objects that are standing on the border of a country and before photographing them, he paints them red and white (the polish colors).

KED recently took on the task of making everyday objects “visable again”, like WC pans, satellite dishes, pavers and a bench. Turning them in to a strange looking Discoballs. KED likes to created something with what already exists and makes an art piece out of it. Even though his artwork is meant to set free in nature, some objects are put in museums.


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