rick-owen-collection-ss14-steppers-fashion rick-owen-collection-ss14-steppers-fashion2 rick-owen-collection-ss14-steppers-fashion3 rick-owen-stepper-ss14-fashion-collectionRick Owen sure knows how to show the people a new way of looking at his collection. Beginning inspired by African-American stepping – where the whole body is used as an instrument to make sounds by stamping, clapping and spoken word – Owens showed a collection with zipped-up, laced-up and tough-talking separates, making 40 fierce model “steppers” run the catwalk. The troop were selected by Owen from 4 sorority teams called: Momentum, Zetas, Washington Divas and Soul Steppers. Choosing this way of showing his fantastic new collection, it will stand out and be remembered.

Why don’t other designers do something refreshing and shake things up like this?

Watch the movie here..


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