Combining footwear

sander-wassink-shoes-beijing-design-week_designboom03 sander-wassink-shoes-beijing-design-week_designboom04 sander-wassink-shoes-beijing-design-week_designboom09 sander-wassink-shoes-beijing-design-week_designboom12Sander Wassink cuts and re-edits shoes into new footwear. 

Taking old shoes and make a new one, that’s the idea of Sander Wassink. Give something a new meaning and creating a beautiful new object. Showing the world you can make new things out of object or spaces that aren’t used anymore, like our contemporary culture of consumption, to a partly demolished façade of an abandoned building.

The shoes are an art object, beautifully crafted footwear only by using something that already existed. I just love it when someone can show how recycling can be for a better use!!! See here more about his flagship store during Beijing design week 2013.


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