Ray Of Light By Fos Team

Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-vega-madrid-food-restaurant Ray-Of-Light-By-fos-Team-vega-madrid-food-restaurant2The Fun and creative team of FOS created a fantastic Ray of light at a vegan restaurant Rayen in Madrid. Showing of their maining of Fos (‘light’ in Greek  and ‘melted’ in Catalan) by taping the artificial light shining of the lamp hanging above the restaurant. The color yellow covers all items that are caught by the light, regarding the front view. Cutting a painting, crossing the table and chair.

250 meters of bright yellow tape was used to make this possible, and was only to see for four days (19-22 sept 2013) The result shows a surprising bright, happy, comic-like vegan restaurant, that can not be mist.



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