hotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-4-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewIf their is a Hotel I would like to go and visit, it is definitely this fantastic Hotel Bikini. A project by hotel group25hours and KEC Architects, joining forces to build progressive and modern structures that provide urban oases and restorative design.

The Hotel has a lot to offer, rooftop restaurant and bar with a 360 panorama view,  cool urban jungle designs, industrial design, fireplace, a greenhouse to relax, plants becoming living walls!hotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-3-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-2-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-8-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-5-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-6-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-view


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