Chanel Supermarkt A/W 2014

chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-outfit-karl-lagerfeld-cara-Delevingnechanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-foodCara-Delevingne-chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-outfitChanel-watertje-anyone_referenceIf their was a supermarket like this, I would visit it all day everyday! Chanel transformed for their A/W collection 2014 the Grand Palais in a fantastic Chanel Supermarket. The most awesome supermarket you’ll ever see! Every product is available in Chanel packaging, from “Coco flakes”, “Eau de Chanel”, “Tagliatelle Mademoiselle”  and a lot more..

The Fashion Show of Chanel always turns into a spectacular experience and every show will excite you more.


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