Some amazing fashion in Paris


In Paris you can find a lot of high fashion walking arround. You get inspired just by drinking a coffee on a terras. I found these lovely pics on and had to share them. Some cool street fashion, especially when their are couture shows..

elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-4-53elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-4-48elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-4-36 elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-4-26elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-3-18 elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-3-17 elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-3-06elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-4-72 elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-2-27 elle-paris-haute-couture-15-streets-style-day-2-05

Shot by Tyler Joe



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