taqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interior-6 taqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interior-7taqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interior-2taqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interiortaqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interior-8taqueria-canalla-san-pedro-restaurant-tacos-burritos-food-design-interior-5

I have a little crush on this Mexican restaurant for lunch and dinner. Canalla is so cute, you just want to fly to San Pedro to eat here. Every little object is designed and has had a great modern look&feel. The beautiful combination between light wood with the dark background gives a nice touch to it!


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