♥When I was little I loved to swing in the back yard,♥

♥I was as free as a brid and loved the wind blowing through my hair.♥

♥And that’s why I love swinging!!!♥


The truth about Shoes

They take you everywhere
They lead you in the right direction
They take you out for a walk
They won’t leave you alone and will always follow you
They will match your style
They let you go higher
They keep more then feet they keep momories
They will keep a secret
They make you feel sexy
They love you no matter what
They won’t leave you, you leave them!

That’s way I love shoes!♥

♥ is in the air

I just wanted to say that I love my boyfriend!! In July we are together for 4 years!

We live in an appartement in Amsterdam and love living in the city.
Everday is a new adventure and love going out and have fun!!!

♥ You!!!!

Scarlett Johansson



♥♥♥Hallooo March♥♥♥

Finally it’s March!
The spring is in the air!!

I just ♥ spring, it’s getting warmer and the trees get leafs again. Everything seems more beautiful and everyone is happier!
Hopefully there will be no more snow or rain cause I can’t handle that anymore!
I hope for a wonderful and joyful spring!

I’m ♥ing it already!