Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online2How else can bring internet to life as Google can?! Universal Design Studio and sister company MAP created the 3D designs and architecture for this Google Web Lab exhibition. A series of web-connected, interactive physical experiments. Having a live connection with London’s Science Museum and open to the world through, watch the exhibition online 24-hours a day through webcams that are installed at the museum! Architecture and design tools help to deconstruct technology and tell the story of how digital and physical realms are connected.Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online3

Location – London
Client – Google
Photographer – Andrew Meredith
Works – 3D Design and Architecture
Specification – Exibition

Real-Life Barbie Doll

Barbie_shaped_real_Nickolay_LammArtist Nickolay Lamm created the barbie doll in realistic proportions. He made a 3D model of Barbie to show that not only models give the wrong idea to girls but also the too skinny Barbie. So he gave Barbie the proportions of an average 19-year-old woman. Then photographed the two next to each other, so you can see the difference. Same hair, make-up and clothes on, but Barbie 2.0 is shaped like a ‘real’ girl!

Damien Blottière’s ‘cut and paste’ Photography

The French born photographer, Damien Blottière, created these 3D effect photo’s with his uniek photographic ‘cut and paste’ technique. The photography is distinguished and memorable. The combination of the 3D effect en the nude bodies transforms the image into a piece of fantastic art.