Groupe_Mosaert_stromae-fashion-collection-african-boldatwork-huntingandcollectingLess than a week ago the singer Stromae, the artist name of the Belgian Paul van Haver, shows his first unisex clothing collection and within that week the collection is almost sold out. A Brussel located store “Hunting & Collecting“, where the collection is exclusively sold, is already out of stock!

Together with some creative people, like stylist Coralie Barbier and Boldatwork (creative support for publishing & new media) and his label Moseart, he created this collection. Consisting colorful polo’s and socks with African prints, like the garments that Stromae likes to wear on stage. The only way to buy his collection is by the website of Mosaert or the website of Colette, but be quick cause they are low on stock!

The next collection in already in the making, but not jet known when this will be available.


Cyrus Kabiru / Bifocals-Glasses

These glasses designed by Cyrus Kabiru, he used his life as inspiration because of his experiences the output is humorous. His current focus is a series of artistic bifocals called C-STUNNER, these are made by African nature using bottle caps sewn together. The bifocals are stunning and are very beautifully made. And I love the photography!

Artist collaboration title: Eyerus
Sunglasses designer: Cyrus Kabiru
Photographer: Barbara Minishi