Aesop Mitte by Weiss-Heiten

Aesop-store-by-Weiss-heiten_dezeen_ss_3 Aesop-store-by-Weiss-heiten_dezeen_ss_6Another Aesop shore that caught my eye! Love the way Design studio Weiss-Heiten used emerald-coloured tiles to cover the walls, floors and surfaces of the new Berlin store for skincare brand Aesop, making it look like one big soap bar. A product wall and an old sink, makes the store serene “Our aim was to create a space that combines the clarity of industrial grids with the strength of historical materials and their individual patina,” said architect Alberto Franco Flores.

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My boyfriend gave a weekend Berlin for my birthday! Love hem!!!
And I can’t wait!!!
All the art around the city and  the hole underground scene. Love it already!
Hope we go soon!

An art piece I would love to see when I’m there:
Source: a friend of mine who lives in Berlin!

Art painted on a wall on the wilhelmstraße