Aesop Mitte by Weiss-Heiten

Aesop-store-by-Weiss-heiten_dezeen_ss_3 Aesop-store-by-Weiss-heiten_dezeen_ss_6Another Aesop shore that caught my eye! Love the way Design studio Weiss-Heiten used emerald-coloured tiles to cover the walls, floors and surfaces of the new Berlin store for skincare brand Aesop, making it look like one big soap bar. A product wall and an old sink, makes the store serene “Our aim was to create a space that combines the clarity of industrial grids with the strength of historical materials and their individual patina,” said architect Alberto Franco Flores.

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Dip-Dye Heaven by Wink at Bread & Butter

Tempel of Denim by Wink at Bread & Butter berlin_bread and butter fashion denim

Last summer the designers at Dutch studio Wink created a fashion-forwared display of about 1000 dip-dyed white / blue shirts at Bread & Butter in Berlin! They got their inspiration from holy places around the world, and also the building where the fair was hosted, the Tempelhof.

Exhibition Mark Jenkins / Berlin

Mark Jenkins is a famous sculptor and will soon been seen in a exhibition of sculptures and photographies at the Gestalten in Berlin! Mark is known for linking urban space to human forms. The sculptures are amazing and will kind of scare you, if you see hem in real life! source



My boyfriend gave a weekend Berlin for my birthday! Love hem!!!
And I can’t wait!!!
All the art around the city and  the hole underground scene. Love it already!
Hope we go soon!

An art piece I would love to see when I’m there:
Source: a friend of mine who lives in Berlin!

Art painted on a wall on the wilhelmstraße