It’s a wrap: COACHELLA 2014! The festival kicked off on friday with some amazing shows; Pharrell Williams, Outkast, Nicolas Jaar and Beyoncé Joins Solange onstage. Seeing all these people dressed up and having a blast makes me really jealous! Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming festivals?!
stylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks5stylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks6stylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks-indian-menstylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks-jerad-letostylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks2stylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks-dressstylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks-Cara-Delevingne-Poppy-Delevingne-and-Sienna-Millerstylish-folks-rocking-coachella-festival-looks4Some other cool outfits, check here..


Mrs. CARTER SHOW online shop

beyonce_kaleidoscopicsublimation_female_picture_fashion_male_mscartershowQueen Bee launched a brand new collection of t-shirts, bags and baseball caps. The T-shirts are different from the ones sold at the concert, but we don’t expect that from Beyonce. She keeps surprises us with her unique and stunning self. Creating unisex t-shirts with different prints and designs, including a kaleidoscopic print of Beyonce as Queen Bee and a shirt with Beyonce smoking a cigar. Or the more simple ones.


Lady Gaga You and I

The new video of Lady Gaga: You and I. She did it again, she’s brilliant and has the best creations.
In the video she is wearing a dress by the dutch Jan Taminiau, realy cool she choose his design. (it’s the one with the feathers and skirt of treebark.) Also Beyonce has used a Jan Taminiau design, she put his shoes on the cover of her new album.

Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce “Telephone”

Love her! She always has crazy clothes and fantastic video clips. Lady gaga is for me the new queen of pop! Madonna was the some in the eighties. But She brings it to the next level. Every clip is different and creative! It always is fascinating.

The clip Telephone ft. Beyonce is more like a mini-video and is a reference to Kill Bill. Like the return of the Pussy Wagon.
What I also love about the clip is that she deals with the rumor that she would have a willy:P

What i really love: The cigarette glasses and the coca cola cans in her hair

The videoclip: