Because of an old social stigma infer that chewing gum has a bad influence,  Beldent, used a real-life experiment, demonstrating that chewing gun isn’t bad for your image. A new and interactive campaign by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi. On October 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, Beldent shows 5 sets of twins as art pieces, dressed and styled the exactly the same. Only one difference: one twin was chewing gum during the event. Museum visitors could participate the interactive exhibition and answer a few questions.

After 481 people participated the ‘Almost Idential’ experiment, the most favoured the twins who chewed gum (73%) and that proves chewing gum doens’t give a bad impression, it will give ait will a positive impact.


Manuel Ameztoy’s Pop-Up Paradises

Argentinian artist Manuel Ameztoy has created a fantastic Pop-up Paradises, in the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires. The installation reaches 630 m² of cut and non-woven fabrics that hang from the ceiling of the space imitating a natural landscape that coexists with real environments of Entre Ríos, his natal place, pictured upon screens. The fragility of material, the delicacy and beauty of colors invite us to get lost between the pieces. Ameztoy’s cut textile exhibition will be on show until August the 12th, 2012.