Empty Spaces with character

Candida-hofer-photography-interior-Benrather-Schloss-Düsseldorf-IV-2011Capturing empty architectural interiors, showing their many year of cultural and architectural history. The brilliant photographer that shot these still lifes is Candida Höfer, well known for her large-format images showing the interior of incredible spaces. Creating portraits of the Louvre, Uffizi Gallery, the Royal Portuguese Library in Rio de Janeiro, La Scala opera-house in Milan, and many others.Candida-hofer-photography-interior-Dominikanerkirche-Sankt-Andreas-Düsseldorf-II-2011Dominikanerkirche Sankt Andreas DusseldorfCandida-hofer-photography-interior-Benrather-Schloss-Düsseldorf-I-2011 Benrather Schloss DusseldorfCandida-hofer-Benrather-Schloss-Düsseldorf-photography-interiorBenrather Schloss Dusseldorf



The White Chapel by Danny Cheng


This Serene White Chapel based on the coastline of Discovery Bay in Hong Kong is designed by Danny Cheng. Beautiful architecture surrounded by water to reflect it’s image perfectly at night! The building has a consisted rhythm of layers that make it so interesting. Loving the white interior and fantastic high ceiling. Cheng says the inspiration for the ceiling came from the ‘honeycomb-like lines’ of the Lamborghini AP700.

Beautiful Dancing House in Prague

dancing-house-in-pragueThe Dancing House or Fred and Ginger is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building in Prague, Czech Republic. A amazing building designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with the renowned Canadian-Americanarchitect Frank Gehry.

Love the way it looks like Fred and Ginger are dancing. Beautiful!

The MIRRORS iPhoneography Project of Hellopanos


Mirrors is an iPhoneography project by Greek visual artist Panos Papanagiotou, aka Hellopanos.

The everyday elements in our urban landschapes, such as building facades, cranes, street lights and rooftops, combined with pot plants, satellite dishes, wires and antennae. These items will be captured by mirrors creating reflected duplicates of themselves, that together creates a beautiful and unique picture.


The Ghost
Past and Now

The Ghost is a building that has been coated in thick white layers of polystyrene, making it look almost like a cartoon home. The Building used to be a prison, school and funeral home and now functions as a striking gallery and visitor centre in Delme, France. Artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus created the structure’s façade.

The name is inspired by de artist Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay project: A Guest + A Host = A Ghost.

I like the way the artist didn’t destroy the building but just created a layer to pull over. This way it gets a new look and feel without creating something totally new!