Caribou Coffee’s five-story Pinterest board

cariboupinterestmoa-coffee-store-advertising-pinerest-brandIm loving this idea of making a 64 foot-tall Pinterest board to promote a Coffee blend “Caribou Coffee” at the Mall of America’s rotunda.

“It’s so big — a six-foot man only takes up half of that first pin,” said Michele Vig, vp of marketing for Caribou Coffee. ”People were standing there  saying it’s awesome. It’s five stories tall at Mall of America.”

The Pinterest wall has 2 video screens, looking like a pin, filled with user-generated content: tweet #CaribouInspires and it will appear on the board over the next week. There’s also a photobooth for selfies, a stage to perform to “motivate fans to pursue their passions”  and a huge mug of Caribou Coffee.