The Portrait in Haarlem

haarlem-Portrait-holland-concept-store-design-interior-fashion-coffee-hangout-horsestable-3 haarlem-Portrait-holland-concept-store-design-interior-fashion-coffee-hangout-horsestable-2 haarlem-Portrait-holland-concept-store-design-interior-fashion-coffee-hangout-horsestable haarlem-Portrait-holland-concept-store-design-interior-fashion-coffee-hangout-horsestable-1haarlem-Portrait-holland-concept-store-design-interior-fashion-coffee-hangout


Portrait is one of my favorite stores in Haarlem, Netherlands. It´s a place where people come to work, shop, talk and to have a nice cup of coffee. Karen, Daisy and Rogier created a space where small  & local entrepreneurships, fashion labels and interior comes together.

Every inch of this old horse stable is designed and looks amazing. If you visit Haarlem, you definitely have to stop and drink a coffee here. Just to enjoy the store and the lovely store owners.


Fashion ft. Food

WHEN FASHION MEETS FOODthe combination between fashion and food.

Op een interessante manier gebruik maken van eten, waardoor de groente een andere betekenis krijgt. De manier waarop het gepresenteerd is, zal de klant / bezoeker interesseren waardoor zij blijven kijken.De groente gecombineerd met fashion worden kunst objecten. Objecten waar naar gekeken moet worden. En door gebruik te maken van één kleur groente worden de foto’s één geheel. Er zal ook één style aangehouden worden, voor zowel de menu kaart, billboard en visitekaartje wordt dezelfde vormgeving aangehouden. Ook op de modeshow zal deze vormgeving terug komen. (dutch) BillboardBusiness cardMenu

All made by Isabelle van Groeningen

Assignment space styling: Hotel room

At school we have to design a hotel room for the old Volkskrant building, the target group are creatives and in the hotel room they have to experience something new and innovative. I immidiatly thought of a (old loft) elevator room. The door is elevator doors and you have two levels. The first has a livingroom and the second a bathroom. The elevator is the bedroom and goes to level 1 and 2.

Target group: creatives, trend-sensitive and are love doing unusual things.Elevator inspiration (inspiration: an old industrial loft elevator with a fence cage) Livingroom collage (inspiration: a american loft, industrial look) 

Bathroom collage (inspiration: collage showers and lockers, a lot of light and white furniture)


Perfect Rubber

I had an assignment for school to make 6 products for Esprit Home. It had to be innovative and bring Esprit Home to a new level. My concept was to make 6 home accessiores made out of rubber gloves and tires. See my book to view the products.

The 6 products I made (from left to right):

  • Tapestry
  • Pouf
  • Cushion
  • Garment
  • Carpet
  • Curtain