Daft Punk covers Dazed & Confused


Daft Punk is shining in Saint Laurent on the cover of Dazed & Confused, shot by Hedi Slimane. The Fantastic Duo is already at it’s fourth album Random Access Memories on vinyl and the teaser offers a glimpse of the album, and just a snippet of the opening song, “Give Life Back to Music.”

Daft_Punk_album_Random_Access_Memories_cover_Dazed_Confused2 Daft_Punk_album_Random_Access_Memories_cover_Dazed_Confused3

First Chinese Model on the cover of Italian Vogue



The First Chinese Model on the cover of the Italian Vogue, shot by Steven Meisel, and it looks amazing. I always love the uniqueness of chinese models. This should have happened sooner, probably cause of a driving force in the industry–magazines still tend to present a pretty narrow (read: White) beauty ideal. Fei Fei Sun is the lucky one and showed the world how beautiful she is. You go girl!!

Comment by Vogue:
“Fusion elegance. The language of style is universal: border-free. Thus, by evoking the exotic and sophisticated allure of China Machado, the fusion icon of the Fifties, a story of elegance and refinement is recounted.”

Magazine Issues

Frame magazine

WAD “We are Different” Magazine

Wallpaper magazine

Vice Magazine

The cover says a lot about the magazine. If I don’t like the cover I will not buy the magazine.
Offcourse, the content is important aswell but if the cover doesn’t sparkle, it will not be seen or bought!

The cover  says a lot about the magazine. You can tell what kind of magazine it is and what subject will be discussed.
If you know the magazine you will be able to recognize it by seeing the cover.