Cereal Magazine


This magazine is one to read! The images are incredible and have great tips for city trips. Published only twice a year capturing places, people and products of a city. Showing photography featuring a selection of style and culture articles.


Making Of…Papillon & A Girl Can Dream

“I believe my work to be unique and representative of the joys and quirks of being a woman obsessed by today’s fashion culture.” Anna said.

A Swedish painter, Anna Halldin Maule, introducing a few of her perfectly detailed oil paintings. In this movie she paints two oil-paintings, Papillon & A Girl can dream. Viewing her process with the models en creating the perfect image before using her incredible painting technique. Behold her brushstroke by brushstroke process en see how she turns a real life image into a detailed painting.

View more of her work: www.halldinmaule.com


himba-JIMMY_NELSON-photography-art-tribal-portraitsHIMBA “Don’t start your farming with cattle, start it with people”
huli-JIMMY_NELSON-photography-art-tribal-portraitsHULI “Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle”
KAZAKH-JIMMY_NELSON-photography-art-tribal-portraitsHAZAKH “Fine horses and fierce eagles are the wings of the Kazakh”

Jimmy Nelson traveled the world to meet small disappearing tribal groups and capture them on camera. Photographing 30 tribes in 44 countries and he stayed at every tribe about 2 weeks to learn about their traditions and rituals. For more picture..