barbie-lagerfeld-doll-with-karl-lagerfeld-fashion-limited-edtion-999-200-designerDesigner posing with his Barbie for WWD

You must of have heard about the Barbie Lagerfeld doll inspired by Karl Lagerfeld. If you would like to get this amazing doll for your child of as collectors item you must move fast. The Doll will go on sale on September 29th, and of course will be launched at the Paris Fashion Week! There are only 999 limited-edition models, for the price of $200 a piece, and are in selected Karl Lagerfeld boutiques available or at  Colette in Paris, Net-a-Porter and The Barbie Collection.


ArtEZ 2013 show

stephanie-baechler-artez-fashion-designer-geometry-woolenStéphanie Baechler

This fantastic student of ArtEz made the audience curious by placing gray-colored blocks (looking like stones) on the runway. Not much later, her models calmly choose their position and kept looked in the audience. Stephanie Baechler used materials as stone, oresa and gems to inspire her in making her collection. Studing geometry and various natural substances, she eventually choose rough woolen fabric lead and turned out to be amazing!

hilda-wijnhoud-artez-fashion-designer-runway-colorful-greenHilda Wijnhoud

A wearable and colorful collection that consists of many trousers and silk blouses. By making her collection Wijnhoud looked at the relationship between  individual identity and society. What role does fashion have in the interaction with society and in which way do people choose their fashion identity..

liselore-frowijn-artez-fashion-designer-runway-extreem-colorful-patterns-creativeLiselore Frowijn

you got to love designers that make a statement and show their true identity. That is what Liselore Frowijn did with her extreem colorful collection of patterns, colors, and materials. Not one piece of fabric is left as it was, the paint dots, squares, diamonds and texts are even drawn in tights.


Jean Paul Gaultier collection in The Kunsthal

The beautiful expo of the almighty Jean Paul Gaultier! It was so amazing and inspiring! Looking at his first runway collection and already seeing the greatness in him.

What inspired me the most were the mannequins, their faces were projected and moved, talked and blinked! Watch movie:

See the teddybeer in the photo, just had to share it with you, the beer was the first ro wear the cone bra, like the one madonna worn at her 1990 Blond Abition tour also designed by him.

Five Dutch designers give their views on Maxima’s dress of 2013.

Designers show their vision on  Máxima’s dress for the throne change. Exclusively for Vogue every day a designer presents a designer design.

Michael van der Ham


Winde Rienstra


Mart Visser


Peet Dullaert



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Ophelia has a Dream

Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro was inspirered by Ophelia, an 1851 painting of a red-haired Victorian maiden dead in a babbling stream, by John Everett Millais. When he first met the painting he was only 13 years old and made a big impression on him! “I remember falling for her pink cheeks and hollow gaze,” recalls Mihara.

Ophelia served as the inspiration for Yasuhiro’s SS12 collection. Together with photographer Paolo Roversi, he made an ethereal film, called Ophelia Has a Dream, which confronts Life and Death. In the film Ophelia wears a Mihara’s kimono en is surrounded by butterflies and flowers.

On Friday, December 7 2012, Ophelia Has a Dream will be shown at Tate Britain’s ongoing series Late at Tate. Also the real Ophelia by Millais will be shown.

Aurelian Junner’s Magazine Cover Art

Artist and designer, Aurelian Junner, made these fantastic art with magazines, they are not only beautiful, he also had a very good reason why he transformers these magazines. He reflects on the function of fashion magazine as a medium of dissemination of “mass culture” images and its relation to reality. He thinks totally different, his method is “juxtaposition intervention”,  questioning the status of the fictional world and idealization created for the magazine, and its relationship to the real world where the image is built.