Diesel Island Beach Express

The Diesel Island Beach Express, the video I told you about. My friends and me are in this movie! Realy funny to see! There is also a flyer! It was fun to play in a commerciel but it cost a lot of time and energie!



Diesel video

I was asked if I would like to particapate in a short film voor Diesel the clothing brand! Offcourse I wanted to tag along! It was a fun experience and have felt how it was to be a celab Kidding! They had rented a vintage bus with beach stuff on top! Loved it! With a bunch of friends in a bus with music and drinks. That can only say 1 thing, PARTY! We had to pick sons people up and then we went to the beach, where we had a bbq and a campfire! With your feet in the sand, the campfire, the sun going under and being surrounded by friends is the best feeling!






Be stupid!!!

I just love Diesel! it’s ruff and has cool thing to it! I would love this in my house! Also love that Renso Rosso has a sense of humor! Look at the proselin figurines, he ducktaped then back together. How cool is that!


Together with Moroso for the furniture, Foscarini for the lightning and Zucchi for the home textiles, they made this fantastic furniture line, it definitely fits its claim “Sucessful Living”.
For more information you can go to This wallpaper gallery or to diesel.com.

Or for the real thing go to the Diesel stores!