Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online2How else can bring internet to life as Google can?! Universal Design Studio and sister company MAP created the 3D designs and architecture for this Google Web Lab exhibition. A series of web-connected, interactive physical experiments. Having a live connection with London’s Science Museum and open to the world through, watch the exhibition online 24-hours a day through webcams that are installed at the museum! Architecture and design tools help to deconstruct technology and tell the story of how digital and physical realms are connected.Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online3

Location – London
Client – Google
Photographer – Andrew Meredith
Works – 3D Design and Architecture
Specification – Exibition

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira at Palais de Tokyo

dezeen_baitogogo_henrique_oliveira_4 dezeen_baitogogo_henrique_oliveira_ss_6The amazing Baitogogo Sculpture build in an exhibition space at the Palais de TokyoDesigned by Henrique Oliveira to look like an impossibly tangled Gordian Knot. This installation is created from a plywood material, traditionally used in Brasilian towns to construct the hoardings around construction sites. Source..

Five Seamless Years Of Unisex Fashion by Rad Hourani




01-29 November 2013
Phi Centre , 407, Saint-Pierre Street.
Montreal, Qc, Canada

View the exhibition titled ‘‘Rad Hourani: Seamless’’, a 5 year retrospective of the work of the amazing designer, Rad Hourani. Looking at his anatomy drawings, patterns, photography, collections, and an interactive video installation. If you want to buy the limited edition book (only 300 copies worldwide) you can go to the pop-up store. Hourani is Known for his singular UNISEX vision and origami-like designs.


felice-varini-at-the-grand-palais-art-redThe orange-red geometric markss painted on one arcade of Paris’ Grand Palais. This curious paint is one of the latest geometric perspective work of the Swiss Artist Felice Varini. Amazing that it looks like the paint is floating and isn’t attached to the building. “Twenty-three discs, twelve hollowed halves and four quarters” is created aspecially for the Grand Palais exhibition Dynamo, showing a Century of Light and Motion in Art (1913-2013). Showing the work of 30 amazing artists.. See the show untill 22 July.




The new exhibition at the Annenberg Spaces for photography will be ‘Who Shot Rock&Roll’. Photographers who shot musical artist at their perfect moment (from 1955 till present). They gave the musician a platform to create, express and build their  iconic images. Just like Madonna did with ‘Like A Virgin’,

“Music, one could say, is a matter of the eardrums. Yet, what would Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” sound like without the legendary images of her in that punk-styled wedding dress, wild locks whipping about as she erotically humps the stage? What you hear is what you get, until you see the sweat, passion, and gyrating motions that make a song an experience.” written by Luiza De Moraes Campos

BLOOM exhibition

BLOOM has his own exhibition in Toulouse, France till the end of february; Bloom, une vision végétale. I’m a great fan of Lidewij Edelkoort, she a strong and succesful women, I would love to work with her someday. BLOOM is one off the most inspiring trend magazines/books and will give you information about the new developments and trends. It’s a very colorful and innovative book; definitely worth buying!!

Too bad the exhibition is in Toulouse. I would have loved to go and be inspirerd!!! Maybe next time in Holland?