Children’s Library!

Conarte-Library-Anagrama-interior-design-architecture3Conarte-Library-Anagrama-interior-design-architecture Conarte-Library-Anagrama-interior-design-architecture2Conarte Library by Anagrama

Giving the children an adventure;  Anagrama made this fantastic steelwork plant for a children’s library. Creating this dynamic interior without disrupting the classified building’s interior. Located in a industrial area with more cultural activities in the heart of Northern Mexican City, like museums and theme parks. The designers Anagrama’s Gustavo Muñoz, Miguel Herrera and Sebàstian Padilla made the grey asymmetrical platform with yellow book shelves and Neon red roof installation with suspended tube-lights, creating a big play room to chill and read a book.


Magazine Issues

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WAD “We are Different” Magazine

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