‘Instant art career’ by Niklas Roy

niklas-roy-instant-art-career-designboom-poland-festival-streetartThe German artist Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppä worked together to make this fanastic art piece for in the storefront of an abandoned gallery. The “Public Painting Machine” is made to give the public an oppertunity to have 15 minutes of fame as an artist. During the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland, Roy installed a CNC device inside the gallery, where people can paint by pulling on ropes hanging infront of the window. What I love the most about this street art piece is that it functions without electricity and the user can use the X and Y to controle the paint brush colors.



The Ghost
Past and Now

The Ghost is a building that has been coated in thick white layers of polystyrene, making it look almost like a cartoon home. The Building used to be a prison, school and funeral home and now functions as a striking gallery and visitor centre in Delme, France. Artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus created the structure’s façade.

The name is inspired by de artist Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay project: A Guest + A Host = A Ghost.

I like the way the artist didn’t destroy the building but just created a layer to pull over. This way it gets a new look and feel without creating something totally new!