Chanel’s Secret Garden

The beautiful and popular show of Karl Lagerfeld for the new collection of Chanel. The runway turned into a paper jungle with gardeners wearing straw hats, khaki pants and holding waterless cans. The extraordinary fabrics only Chanel can create. Ofcourse the famous tweeds are recreated with embroidered hand stitching and the familiar suits rejuvenated by slicing the jackets and the skirt tops to leave a patch of bare skin. The designs have delicate and light floral or sorbet colours.

After showing the block-colour wool/tweed suits with A-line skirts with long jackets, Chanel introduced a new line; narrow and just under the hips with a thin fabric belt with a long loop. Also wearing flat leather boots and delicate crop-tops.

Flowers were everywhere, creating a fairytale fashion show. The hems, shoulders to the arm warmers of tulle and decorations in the hair.


Chanel’s Pop Up

chanels-popup-store-fashion-ParisFor the fourth time, you can visit the Chanel Pop up store in La Mistralée Hotel in Saint Tropez. In the minimalistic Le Mistralée you can set eyes on the S/S 2013 collection and the Paris-Edimbourg Metiers d’art 2012-13 collection.

The interior of the store is amazing; the geometric shapes in the interior design in contrast with the antique parquet floors and white walls. To give the space some natural light the ceiling is made out of glass. In the middle of the room you see the famous hula-hoop Chanel bag and other fantastic designs of Chanel.

Also the visitors can relax in the garden, under a Chanel umbrella.