9-just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzerEverybody dream of the perfect wedding, the best wedding you can have with the most important person. Dream big!

Do you need ideas for your wedding? Or get some inspiration?
This book will give you lots of cool ideas for the best day of your life.

Even if you’re not getting married, you will enjoy looking in this book. Maybe for a party or celebration. Just the world of the perfection of two people in love.

26-Just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzer24-Just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzerjustmarried_book-inspiration-weddingBook Cover, ”Just Married”, Copyright Gestalten 2013.

Exhibition Mark Jenkins / Berlin

Mark Jenkins is a famous sculptor and will soon been seen in a exhibition of sculptures and photographies at the Gestalten in Berlin! Mark is known for linking urban space to human forms. The sculptures are amazing and will kind of scare you, if you see hem in real life! source

Doppelganger*Images of the Human Being by Gestalten

The images and the meaning of the book are realy interesting. The concept appeals to me. I want it!!!<3

Book Information:
Gestalten has made a book to show the current trends in depiction of the human beings. Nowadays you can see technics used to deform and to construct/decontruct in the scuptures and images of personal identities. The digital age has change, the traditional notions of who we are and how we wish to be perceived are all different.

The book shows that the unique visual appearances being created today often reveal more about the identities of their subjects and creators than their “real” faces ever could.