Portuguese Chromatic Townhouse

A Chromatic Townhouse in Torres Vedras, 50 km north of Lisbon. Designed by architect Pedro Gandanho. A combination between oud and new. The wooden floors and basic white walls made this house the perfect canvas for a contemporary burst of color and the perfect form! The bright and pastel colors show the different designs and make a beautiful forms!


The glass Farmhouse

glass-farm-mvrdv-architecture-designThe incredible Glass Farmhouse designed by Architecture agency MVRDV in collaboration with Frank van der Salm is located in the town of Schijndel, Netherlands. Frank van der Salm photographed all the remaining traditional farms and from these pictures he made glasses frames to created this farm. The Farm´s total surface is 18,000 sqft (1600m2) and will be field with shops, restaurants, wellness center and offices.