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This magazine is one to read! The images are incredible and have great tips for city trips. Published only twice a year capturing places, people and products of a city. Showing photography featuring a selection of style and culture articles.





A little bit of Christmas..

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and that has to be created at home with warm and cozy elements. Create a beautiful atmosphere with black & white. Cut Christmas trees out of a black paper or make one out of photos, paint white balls with black paint or sew a pillow with a great pattern.


In Holland it’s already turning in to Fall
Rain Rain Rain, all day everyday
Its kind of depressing!
And in the winter it even get more depressing.
It gets dark early and the streets are almost empty.
Even the fashion gets more dark.

This Winter let’s try to make it a little bit brighter and go for some soft colors.
It will definitely help keeping up our spirits 🙂


Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-01 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-02 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-tumblr_Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-tumblr_mp4danyKdY1su96nuo1_1280Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-08 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-09

A Tumblr by Bianca Luini, showing how beautiful inspiration can be for fashion. She pick the most amazing shot to show the inspiration that may have been used by the fashion designer! The colors, structure and material matches.. You just got to love the Tumblr also follow her on Instagram!

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9-just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzerEverybody dream of the perfect wedding, the best wedding you can have with the most important person. Dream big!

Do you need ideas for your wedding? Or get some inspiration?
This book will give you lots of cool ideas for the best day of your life.

Even if you’re not getting married, you will enjoy looking in this book. Maybe for a party or celebration. Just the world of the perfection of two people in love.

26-Just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzer24-Just-Married-Fiona-Leahy-Gestalten-yatzerjustmarried_book-inspiration-weddingBook Cover, ”Just Married”, Copyright Gestalten 2013.

Jean Paul Gaultier collection in The Kunsthal

The beautiful expo of the almighty Jean Paul Gaultier! It was so amazing and inspiring! Looking at his first runway collection and already seeing the greatness in him.

What inspired me the most were the mannequins, their faces were projected and moved, talked and blinked! Watch movie:

See the teddybeer in the photo, just had to share it with you, the beer was the first ro wear the cone bra, like the one madonna worn at her 1990 Blond Abition tour also designed by him.

Chic Chanel vending machines.


Came across these fantastic vending machines made by Chanel for Vogue’s fashion night out in September. And just had to share this!

I always love the way Chanel communicates with it’s costumers. They are so creative and always giving us inspiration. Just look at these Vending Machines to show Chanel’s makeup.
And so I have read, today the new Le Volume the Chanel-mascara will be lanced the same way at Selfridges on Oxford Street.