Chanel’s Pop Up

chanels-popup-store-fashion-ParisFor the fourth time, you can visit the Chanel Pop up store in La Mistralée Hotel in Saint Tropez. In the minimalistic Le Mistralée you can set eyes on the S/S 2013 collection and the Paris-Edimbourg Metiers d’art 2012-13 collection.

The interior of the store is amazing; the geometric shapes in the interior design in contrast with the antique parquet floors and white walls. To give the space some natural light the ceiling is made out of glass. In the middle of the room you see the famous hula-hoop Chanel bag and other fantastic designs of Chanel.

Also the visitors can relax in the garden, under a Chanel umbrella.

Monday School day

Monday I start with my second year of Interior Design at Artemis. I can’t wait untill we finaly start again. It will be hard work but the hard work will pay off. This week we got our 1 assignment for this year and alrealy it’s about trendssetting. We have to make a Trend book for 2016. The homework for this week is figuring out what will happen in 2016, culturally, socially, in economics, art, living conditions and developments in society. So have a lot of digging to do and looking for new trends.

Wish me luck!

My work

First Assignment is done

The personal life of Pollution
A book with 6 colors and 8 materials that fits with the picture.

Color Chart

A interior picture that inspires you (picture Tim walker)
The 6 colors shown in the picture and 8 yarns with 2 accent colors
4 stripe and  4 diamond patterns
And the last is a model home withe the same colors as the picture


still two weeks to go!

In about two weeks my first day at school wil begin!
I realy excited and can’t wait to be creatieve and work with my hands!
I had two months to relax and to do nothing so I am ready to work hard!

To create new concepts and be innovative!

New study: Interior design!


OMG I am graduated!!
I had my final presentation today and was very nervous!!
But I passed!!

Tonight all you can eat sushi and after that I’m going out for a dance!!!
I have the hole summer to be wild and hang out at the park! That’s life!!!

I am so glad! Now I can focus on my new study Interior design!

xoxo Isabelle