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(In)Decorous Taste by Lauren Tennenbaum

Wow, Don’t you just love this accessoires collection of designer Lauren Tennenbaum. The (In)Decorous Taste is made with crystal spikes, leather, acrylic and a lot of chains. It sound kind of nasty, wild and aggressive but the collection is realy fantastic, creative and classy.  Tennenbaum made haarpieces, hats, shoes, bags and neck pieces.

Cleaning Gloves

Min Ji Cho does not create ordinary jewellery, she makes beautiful jewellery out of cleaning gloves. And what I love the most about the creations is that you can’t see that they are made using cleaning gloves. Min Ji Cho created these items to not only be used on the body but also off the body. She believes the decorative character of a piece of jewellery should also be enjoyed when it is off the body… which is not possible if it is kept in a jewellery box. Using an existing object creating a completely different one, always gives me a lot of inspiration! 

Bjorg Jewellery

http://shop.bjorgjewellery.comis a Norwegian company founded in 2004. They make one-of-a-kind nomandic jewellery, materials made of 100% nutural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. I love the combination of the materials and the balance between the fine and the raw. Also how she present it (photgraphy), takes a big part in the jewellery line. It show the clients the origin of the products. Bjorg is always drifting towards newcorners of the world in search of inspiration.