Gorgeous Jewelery by Moxham!

The wonderful urban piece are created by the London-based jewelery designer Madeleine Moxham. Inspired by the repetition of striking motifs she made these industrial pieces to make the world a little more beautiful! Plus it will make us more beautiful!


Moxham_ss13_3REPEAT-ME-NOT Moxham_ss13_4REPEAT-ME-NOTMoxham_ss13_REPEAT-ME-NOT1



Bjorg Jewellery

http://shop.bjorgjewellery.comis a Norwegian company founded in 2004. They make one-of-a-kind nomandic jewellery, materials made of 100% nutural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. I love the combination of the materials and the balance between the fine and the raw. Also how she present it (photgraphy), takes a big part in the jewellery line. It show the clients the origin of the products. Bjorg is always drifting towards newcorners of the world in search of inspiration.


2 Gypsies

2 Gypsies is a collection of keepsakes hand crafted in New York City. Created by Amy Fraser and Jason Woodside. 2 Gypsies pieces are inspired by inside jokes, pillow forts, front steps and back porches.

See their collection here and buy their beautiful gypsie jewelry.