London Fashion Week Streetstyle

london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-6 london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-duo london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-accessoireslondon-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-olivia-palermolondon-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-pink-fashion-is-dicipline london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-5 london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-4 london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-3 london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-design-2 london-fashion-week-47-vogue-inspiration-streetstyle-wear-mode-trend-fall-winter-designA colorful Fashion Week in London! Make your Fall/Winter more colorful with prints and colors!



STAIR ROVER by Po-Chih Lai

A new futuristic skateboard is found “THE STAIR ROVER”, the sky is the limit. You can easily own the stairs and move through the city. Reach places you couldn’t skateboard before and gives extreme sports a new playmate.

Creating a legacy

“London is my inspiration. It leads me to craft a new hybrid sport around the classic skateboard and novel stair climbing mechanism. The project aims to create a new experience for users to rove along the landscape of the city. This advanced boarding activity turns boundaries and restrictions into a positive and creative physical enquiry into the ever changing kinesis of the urban ecosystem.”; Po-chih Lai.

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La Selva by Carnavky

A Duo from Milan, Carnavky present this art work called ‘la selva’. They have their firts show in London at dreambagsjaguarshoes. Carnovsky is known for their use of the RGB technique which consists of overlapping
three primary color images, resulting in a detailed, multilayered print. placing a red, green or blue colored filter
(or light, transparent material) over the image reveals one of the three levels. Each of the individual layers are designed to relate to the others, but at the same time, connect to a different psychological or emotional status as images pass from the clear to the hidden.

‘la selva’ is on view until september 21st, 2011.

Red Filter

Green Filter

Blue Filter