ANTONIO BRASKO-LUXURY BRAND SPRAY CANS-NIKE GLOBAL ART DIRECTOR-NORWOOD DESIGN STUDIOAmazing Spray cans made by art director and designer for one of the biggest fashion labels Nike Global and of course has his own company Norwood, Antonia Baskosaw. They are meant to represent the brands iconic color, print and of course their logo, and even some got their distinctive texture.

He wanted to combine; graffiti, art, fashion, streetwear & design.
Watch the Hypebeast Road Trips Pen & Paper here below, where he explains how he came to this idea..

You just want to have them all and only display them in your house for all to see!



Loving the Entrance of Louis Vuittons collection S/S 2013.  The whole collection is checkered in different colors. Marc Jacobs had the 60’s in mind but this time lines were replaced by the brand’s signature check. The models walk in pairs of two in the same color checkered sixties outfits.


Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

Andrew Lewicki is an American artist, he created a new waffle maker for the Louis Vuitton lovers. Unfortunately, the waffle maker is not for use, the LV waffle maker will become part of an art object, this because the French brand is not involved in the project and therefore have not given Lewicki permission of using the logo for commercial use.

Andrew Lewicki also made other objects that are very interesting, like for example these four:

1. Accordion Obscura (2010)
2. Gold-Plated Skate Rail (2007)
3. Oreo Manhole Cover (2010)
4. Concrete Legos (2010)