Festival Outfits

Because tomorrow I will be off to Lowlands, a 3day festival (well practically 4 1/2 days) and I looking for cool festival outfit. I wanted to share some. Today the say it not going to rain but in Holland you can never be shoor, so they will be packed.

Lowlands is the biggest festival in Holland and it will be my second time to participate. I realy can wait to stand there and have fun and party with my friends.


Photostyling Artemis

We had to shoot a photoshoot for Artifort. The target group was lowlands age 17 till 21 years. So this was a hard task. Artifort is a brand that is colorful, tight and is not realy a Lowlands thing at first.
That was the biggest task, to make Artifort intresseting for the Lowlands target group. My idea was to have the four steps of going and enjoying Lowlands. So we had the travel, the dress up, the party and the afterparty. I had a vintage Artifort chair so that work very well.

Here the results:


Dress up


After Party

We also had to make a folder out of the foto’s

I made a poster for inside to make it more wanted. The target group can put it up in there tent at Lowlands.

Lowlands Stand 2011

Artifort was the campany we had to represent.

The Targetgroup was Lowlands fans age 17 till 21

We had to choose a music style and with this style you had to make a stand for Artifort on Lowlands.

Indie rock, derived from “independent”, describes the small and relatively low budget labels on which it is released and the do-it-yourself attitude of the bands and artists involved.

My concept was a big 10 by 10 turntable with an Indie rock attitude.

You up on an Indie rock record and hop on the turning LP record.

You sit in the Artifort chairs and just like on a rollercoaster the camera takes your picture unexpected.

At the back of the LP player the picture wil be displayed.