The new exhibition at the Annenberg Spaces for photography will be ‘Who Shot Rock&Roll’. Photographers who shot musical artist at their perfect moment (from 1955 till present). They gave the musician a platform to create, express and build their  iconic images. Just like Madonna did with ‘Like A Virgin’,

“Music, one could say, is a matter of the eardrums. Yet, what would Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” sound like without the legendary images of her in that punk-styled wedding dress, wild locks whipping about as she erotically humps the stage? What you hear is what you get, until you see the sweat, passion, and gyrating motions that make a song an experience.” written by Luiza De Moraes Campos


M.I.A. Live Fast. Die Young!

In M.I.A.’s new video clip she races around in dancing cars, singing her motto “Live fast. Die young”. Bad Girls, her new single, suits her very well, M.I.A. shows her middle finger to the FCC during the half time of the NFL Super Bowl. Stirring up whole American, I love a bit of fire in a woman! M.I.A. is always finding new opportunities to shock people, that what makes her unique and successful.
She also just released an other new song together with Popqueen Madonna en Nicki Minaj, “Give Me All Your Luvin”, that they preformed at the Super Bowl.