Just came back from a reading from Jan Agelink a trendwatcher of Style Forecast. He was telling us about the new trends that are developing arround us.

The news, what is happening in the world

The Need of the consumer
The consumer wants contact with the porduct, they want sustainability and transparancy (the truth about a product and want commitment with the brand)
Tree Hotel

What is the look and feel of the product, what does the consumer want in a product.

Michael Johansson (also the picture of the birdhouse designweek)

Meret Oppenheim Furcovered breakfast

Because technologie growns very fast Designers have to keep up. They have to level with the need of the consumer. Designers have to think about design, technologie, look&feel, ecological material and the virtually of the product.

The 7 trends for 2011
1. Oppose; the dichotomy, polarization
2. Behave; behavior and moral panic in society
3. Apapt; no expense and adapting to crisis
4.Reduce; suffering from the overflow, at the end of the throwaway society
5.Clean; Cleaning up the dirty planet
6.Blow; Earth as a source of engerie
7. Upload; social networks as indispensable part of life

Nature is the most important part of our life, so we have to conquer it. We have to work together with Nature and protect it. They way we handle nature it will eventually be distroyed. Designers know that this is a big issue and want to work on a beter environment. That’s why they make a lot of designer about and with nature.

The Sidney Hyberbolic Coral (coral made of fabric)

Moss carpet of Nguyen la Chanh. Bring nature home, new way of having your plants inside.