PIG&HEN handmade in Amsterdam

bob5bob4 bob6bobbob3Drop the anchor! Pig&Hen just released their brand new Fall / Winter 2015 collection. And I can say that some great new features are added to the family. Pig&Hen is handmade in Amsterdam, using authentic ship rope and a strong shackle. And the best thing; they are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face.

We are so glad to announce our Fall / Winter 2015 collection and this year it is better than ever. A lot of trendy colors and new gold color shackles. Using our friend Bob as our model and having the best team to capture our vision, it turned out damn good. 

bob2 All pictures: Milan Goldbach Photography


Making Of…Papillon & A Girl Can Dream

“I believe my work to be unique and representative of the joys and quirks of being a woman obsessed by today’s fashion culture.” Anna said.

A Swedish painter, Anna Halldin Maule, introducing a few of her perfectly detailed oil paintings. In this movie she paints two oil-paintings, Papillon & A Girl can dream. Viewing her process with the models en creating the perfect image before using her incredible painting technique. Behold her brushstroke by brushstroke process en see how she turns a real life image into a detailed painting.

View more of her work: www.halldinmaule.com

Chloé shorts it up!

Chloe_resort_2014-collection-style.comThe New and Amazing 2014 Collection by Chloé

Waight Keller’s style is all over the 2014 collection. “It’s the new Chloé proportion,” she said, definitively “It’s really my handwriting.” The fluffed-up volume, the soft layers, the larger pants and cropped tops. “It’s easy for me to wear,” she said. “I’m not a supermodel proportion, and it’s obviously bringing a versatility to other women as well.”

more over this collection…

Jean Paul Gaultier collection in The Kunsthal

The beautiful expo of the almighty Jean Paul Gaultier! It was so amazing and inspiring! Looking at his first runway collection and already seeing the greatness in him.

What inspired me the most were the mannequins, their faces were projected and moved, talked and blinked! Watch movie:

See the teddybeer in the photo, just had to share it with you, the beer was the first ro wear the cone bra, like the one madonna worn at her 1990 Blond Abition tour also designed by him.

Mary Katrantzou Collection


Mary Katrantzou is known for her lovingly detailed and surreal prints and refined cuts. The Fall/Winter collection of 2012 shows it all, different objects are used to make these wonderful prints, such as Greek spoons, hangers, cups and typewriters. Her collection includes short and long evening dresses, tops, pants and skirts, and all are to die for!