Wallpapers by Kuvva

I just found the best website to get the most beautiful wallpapers, for your desktop, twitterpage or iPhone ! At Kuvva you can get images from designers, brands, artists and photographers. Their motto; “We want to turn dead space into creative space”.

Kuvva is based in Amsterdam and founded by @djbradfield & @nalden. Also visite their blog.

Design is a quality of life

The famous design team and couple Charles and Ray Eames.
They designd a lot of cool chairs like the ‘RAR’ ARMCHAIR from the 1950

Charles and Ray weren’t obsessed with there own style. They didn’t have a specific style, they where focused on the need of people. They looked at the design problem. The couple knew how to make furniture that would be beloved by the people. And I can confirm that, I love this chair and a lot more of there designs.

A video I found when I was on Nalden’s blog about Charles and Ray Eames.