Bjorg Jewellery

http://shop.bjorgjewellery.comis a Norwegian company founded in 2004. They make one-of-a-kind nomandic jewellery, materials made of 100% nutural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. I love the combination of the materials and the balance between the fine and the raw. Also how she present it (photgraphy), takes a big part in the jewellery line. It show the clients the origin of the products. Bjorg is always drifting towards newcorners of the world in search of inspiration.



The beautiful world of Rune Guneriussen

For a nice walk by the lake!
Love the color of the night!

Looks like the tree has mushrooms on it:P

Rune Guneriussen is a young norwegian photographer who photographs various products and pieces of furniture in nature. He makes the picture look spirituel and romantic! I would love to walk there in the evening!

His website