My Drawlings

The Library in Amsterdam OBA

The Library in Amsterdam OBA with markers

Drawing of a picture in the EH&i with pencel


10 things I love at the moment

1. New Accessories; knitted eye caps

2. Building; the OBA

Went there on monday to draw the building and just loved the place. It was big and peaceful. Great Architecture

3. Photographer; Alex Olson

I’m a fan of Blend on Facebook and saw a artikel about Alex Olson.
When I saw his pictures I had to share it with you.

4. Foam exhibition; Johan van der Keuken

I want to see this tomorrow with my mom! He’s a photographer, one of this best pictures is of a dancescene in Quatorze Juillet Paris, 1958.

5. Movie; Due date

Not as good as The Hangover but it was very funny! I just love Zach Galifianakis, for me he’s the funniest man alive!

6. Food; Cornflakes

7. Song; Flash Grimey I did not Know

8. Magazine; WAD we are different

Like this issue!

9. My new deer ring

10. Motto; Live life to the Max