chad-wys-Sight Line - spray paint on found print and frame - 2013 - 9,5 x 8 x 1 - 009Art by Chad Wys

I was browsing on the internet and came across a blog and found an inspiring article with this quote and it did something to me.

Joan Miro quote: “You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.”

Art matters to few, but to those who are looking, it is everything. To those who see, it is light. Creativity and art and design are often tossed away as frivolous subjects, relegated to paintings behind glass and murals on street corners. But to some, they are words. They are speeches and books and novels and history and language, all immersed into a picture as abstract as the meaning itself.




Rudolf Stingel Carpet takeover


The Italian-born artist Rudolf Stingel shows his personal art collection at the Palazzo Grassi. He got absolute freedom for his exhibition. He choice to cover all the walls and floors with carpet with oriental patterns.

The carpet is a medium through which painting relates to its architectural context. With his interest in the redefinition of the meaning of ”painting” and its perception, Stingel places the ”carpet” at the core of his poetics.

The paintings are stunning but I would also go if the room was only covered with the carpets. Loving the idea of beginning in a space with only carpets.


‘Instant art career’ by Niklas Roy

niklas-roy-instant-art-career-designboom-poland-festival-streetartThe German artist Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppä worked together to make this fanastic art piece for in the storefront of an abandoned gallery. The “Public Painting Machine” is made to give the public an oppertunity to have 15 minutes of fame as an artist. During the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland, Roy installed a CNC device inside the gallery, where people can paint by pulling on ropes hanging infront of the window. What I love the most about this street art piece is that it functions without electricity and the user can use the X and Y to controle the paint brush colors.