Viewing these incredible series of insects made out of recycled paper, makes me really happy. IGEPA Benelux made something insane using only garbage, what a great initiative and great result. View the video below and see how they made these little creatures.

IGEPA – making off
Creative director: Jim Van Raemdonck
Graphic Designers: Phoebe De Corte, Dries Caeckebeke
Interns: Claar De Waele, Sil De Boeck
Making off: Ludovica Saccenti
See more work here:

| The Magical Paper Statues Of Li Hongbo |

Incredible paper statues made by artist, Li Hongbo. Creating a statues that look like real, concrete hand cute roman heads, but look real close and see that the statue is made using 20,000 layers of paper stacked and glued together. Inspired by traditional chinese paper decorations as well as a personal long-standing fascination with paper, and looking back at his student days (recalling the times he had to reproduce the classical sculptures like Michelangelo’s David). So amazing to see this in the movie. Go and see Li Hongbo’s first solo exhibition in the United States at New York’s Klein Sun Gallery 
| 525 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 |

”In my art, I like using subjects that we often see. Quite ordinary, quite natural {…},”  Li Hongbo.

Li-Hongbo-Statues-in-Motion-Kid-Guy-Collective-Klein-Sun-Gallery-Scott-LynchPhotograph Scott Lynch

Back to Basics: Paper Electronics

Back to Basics: Retro Electronics Made of Paper by Zim and Zou paper art Back to Basics: Retro Electronics Made of Paper by Zim and Zou paper art Back to Basics: Retro Electronics Made of Paper by Zim and Zou paper art
Zim and Zou is a comtemporary design studio of the two wunderkinderen Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. Together they created the concept Back to Basics. Each colorful device is cut meticulously by hand utilizing sustainable paper, and even the smallest “waste” scraps are re-used to form some of the smallest detailed components. They are all incredible pieces and very well made! I want one!!! ❤


Under Water Pleasure

Why should we all want to experience the Under Water Pleasure?

Do you live in a city of village with a lot of people and can’t find the comfort of a quit and secret place?

The Under Water Pleasure can help you experience a feeling of comfort and joy. Being a part of art and feeling connected. I want to make a statement of saying there is not enough art around the city, especially in city’s in Holland. For instands Berlin, where art is the most spoken language of the people how live there. All over the city there are places where we can be inspired and feel connected to the fibe of the city.

And for that, I want to bring an object that give the people an experience and give them something to remember.  And make a statement!
Make a city more interested to visited and experience. Give it the WOAHHH effect and give it more spice! Little things can make the difference!

The assignment was for H&M.

And the target group was 50+.

We had to create a hangout place for the targetgroup. My was a plastic iglo placed on the Dam in Amsterdam. Every month there would be a different young designer how could display there designs.

Inspiration for the chairs.

The idea of bring art in the city.

The technique and colors I wanted to use. Using Paper and light colors.

Origami Chairs Handmade by me, myself and I.