Japanese Photographer Takashi Yasui


Since I booked my trip to Tokyo, I’m obsesed with all that gives me a glance of what I might see when visiting. The beautiful nature, architecture, design and of course the inspiring people. Also as a food lover I can’t wait to eat the most intressting kind of dishes. Already have a bord on Pintrest of places to visite and the list is getting long. Hopefully mijn friend and I can visite as much as possible.

When finding this amazing photographer Takashi Yasui the feeling of wanting to go to Japan got even bigger. Capturing stunning shots, each an even more mystique portray. Shooting well-know sights, like the Fushimi Inari and Kiyomizudera shrines, Arashiyama bamboo forest, and Gion geisha district of Kyoto. For more of this astonishing images, visit his personal website here

japanese-photographer-takashi-yasui-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-photography-3 japanese-photographer-takashi-yasui-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-photography-8japanese-photographer-takashi-yasui-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-photography-5japanese-photographer-takashi-yasui-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-photography-7japanese-photographer-takashi-yasui-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-photography-10



Hot pink landscapes in the warzone of Congo


Can you imagine a warzone in the jungles of Congo to be that beautiful. photographer Richard Mosse captured incredible images of the war torn territory, using a rare military urveillance technique known as ‘Kodak Aerochrome’. This film brand created a way to show infrared capabilities. It means that the green tones in the jungle will transform into all kinds of red, lavender, crimson and hot pink.

It’s litterly takes your breath away and shows the beauty of Congo, an irrational and brutal warzone.

For more information about his work, go to sobadsogood.com or buy his spectacular book titled ‘Infra: Photographs’

pink-congo-of-africa-by-richard-mosse-9pink-congo-of-africa-by-richard-mosse-3pink-congo-of-africa-by-richard-mosse-6 pink-congo-of-africa-by-richard-mosse-2

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects-cement Krzysztof-Olszewski-KED-art-Polish-disco-boring-objects-poster

Krzysztof Olszewski aka KED is Polish photographer, Filmmaker and visual artist. He creates photoseries by helping the surroudings of the picture. Like his project about objects that are standing on the border of a country and before photographing them, he paints them red and white (the polish colors).

KED recently took on the task of making everyday objects “visable again”, like WC pans, satellite dishes, pavers and a bench. Turning them in to a strange looking Discoballs. KED likes to created something with what already exists and makes an art piece out of it. Even though his artwork is meant to set free in nature, some objects are put in museums.


Damien Blottière’s ‘cut and paste’ Photography

The French born photographer, Damien Blottière, created these 3D effect photo’s with his uniek photographic ‘cut and paste’ technique. The photography is distinguished and memorable. The combination of the 3D effect en the nude bodies transforms the image into a piece of fantastic art.  

Anton Corbijn at Foam

Today I went to Anton Corbijn at the Foam Museum in Amsterdam. I always enjoy giong to the Foam but this time I was realy exited. Anton Cobijn is a Dutch photographer how is famous for his photos of (Rock)Musicians en other artists. He is not only a good photographer, he also is graphic designer, filmmaker, he does the art direction and is a director for music videos and designing sets for pop concerts. He also shot the G-star campain with Liv Taylor. So you can imagine how creative he is.

Tricky, Alexander McQueen (RIP),
Anselm Kiefer, Richard Prince

Anthony Kiedis, Kate Moss,
Nelson Mandela, Mick Jagger

Like the way Anton has created the two photos. They are beautiful. Damien Hirst (left) ? (right)

The beautiful world of Rune Guneriussen

For a nice walk by the lake!
Love the color of the night!

Looks like the tree has mushrooms on it:P

Rune Guneriussen is a young norwegian photographer who photographs various products and pieces of furniture in nature. He makes the picture look spirituel and romantic! I would love to walk there in the evening!

His website

Tim Walker

Tim Walker, one of my favourite photographers, born in 1970 and based in London. His images tell a story, a fairy tale. He thought about every detail and the colors are bright and mystery’s. There are a lot of photo where object are bigger than usual, that’s what I love about him. He thinks out of the box.

He is the most creative man I can think of! Everything is complete!

I ♥ Tim Walker