Love and Marriage

I love this pictures!
They are not the ordinary and boring pictures people take when they get married!
They thought about taking different photo’s, special ones!

that they matched there shoes and tie!

Source the wedding of Stacie and Geoffrey



Books I ordered at Amazon UK

The House of Viktor & Rolf is already delivered.
And I can’t wait to see Pictures in my mail box:)

Viktor & Rolf best dutch designers!!!
Tim Walker best photographer ever!!!

Both are extremely innovative and unique
Have a vision and know to catch the audience by surprise.
Further, I personally am very inspired by their ideas and effects.

Here are pictures I realy love:

Viktor & rolf

Dutch Clogs Heels: Love them!

Viktor & Rolf SS10 Paris

Tim Walker

Tim Walker Galerie


I just love pictures with a second thought!
These pictures are beautiful and funny simultaneously
At first sight you don’t see that there are thoughts behind the pictures. Like the women with 3 pillows in her hands, she has 4 arms! Or plates in a grid lying on the street.

The woman behind all these cute pictures is Coco Amareil