| The Magical Paper Statues Of Li Hongbo |

Incredible paper statues made by artist, Li Hongbo. Creating a statues that look like real, concrete hand cute roman heads, but look real close and see that the statue is made using 20,000 layers of paper stacked and glued together. Inspired by traditional chinese paper decorations as well as a personal long-standing fascination with paper, and looking back at his student days (recalling the times he had to reproduce the classical sculptures like Michelangelo’s David). So amazing to see this in the movie. Go and see Li Hongbo’s first solo exhibition in the United States at New York’s Klein Sun Gallery 
| 525 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 |

”In my art, I like using subjects that we often see. Quite ordinary, quite natural {…},”  Li Hongbo.

Li-Hongbo-Statues-in-Motion-Kid-Guy-Collective-Klein-Sun-Gallery-Scott-LynchPhotograph Scott Lynch

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira at Palais de Tokyo

dezeen_baitogogo_henrique_oliveira_4 dezeen_baitogogo_henrique_oliveira_ss_6The amazing Baitogogo Sculpture build in an exhibition space at the Palais de TokyoDesigned by Henrique Oliveira to look like an impossibly tangled Gordian Knot. This installation is created from a plywood material, traditionally used in Brasilian towns to construct the hoardings around construction sites. Source..