VOGUE September issue

The cover with a pregnant Ymre Stiekema

Today was the launch of the first Dutch September Issue. The theme of this years issue is the Romantic Revolution. In the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam their was the opportunity to buy the magazine one day earlier, so I thought way not take a look!20120815-231021.jpg
20120815-231332.jpgThe windows of the Bijenkorf were designed by the VOGUE stylists, a dress made of army jackets, roses hanging on a thread, a big pile of red clothing with a model on top and a lot of beautiful designer clothes!

The only thing that bothered me was how they organised the hole thing. I thought VOGUE would make something fantastic to pronounce the September issue but unfortunately they just showed a few models dressed nicely with a baby car with roses, to give a way! Nothing spectacular! The whole time I thought it still had to begin, i was expecting something big.


The September issue

I can’t believe I never saw the September issue. I loved it. Finally I could see how a fashion magazine is made and by the most brillant people in the world (in the fashion scene). Anna, a woman with her own vision and knows exactly what she want to see in her magazine. Also Grace is brillant, she is just lovely. She makes the most beautiful pictures and has a way to make the world romantic.

I also realise that fashion has to be your life to do this kind of work. I love fashion but this is just unbelievable!!! Respect!

Grace Coddington, a very elegant and strong woman!

A picture for the september issue but did not make it.

Made by Grace, She required to keep the belly of the cameraman.

Two models imitate Grace (left) and Anna (right) incase you didn’t know:)